Adopt or Buy?

Man is a social being by nature, and man’s life can only be understood in an orderly society, the dog story is only understood by the man with whom he shares habitat and that as a pet it depends at which man gives love, food and shelter.

Whenever I feed my dog I think like Anne Tyler, you must think I’m the world’s greatest hunter, who every day come home with excellent prey and I provide everything you need to be happy …. but not all dogs live with their families … the situation of street dogs is very sad, and is caused in most cases by the same man … are the “persons” who never left alone I would … No doubt these are situations of cruelty and must solve them with immediacy … it is very embarrassing for our species being the dog man’s best friend, is man’s worst dog friend.

A breeder, like every human being, understand this … but today there is a negative connotation socially, where the breeder begins to associate with the image of a female in a cold and dirty cage two meters by two meters and living in unsanitary conditions, although it is true that there are “people” who breed dogs like chickens … not the rule, are only examples of how the most rational of creation be, acts as the least thinking of all. It’s sad, because before this “virtual” pose pushed by fanaticisms so natural in this new world of social networks, there is a real world of hard work and sacrifice, but full of satisfaction … The breeders are suppliers of joy … boys who dream of their future best friend …

Serious breeders allow society to reach races centenarians our days working with a particular estardar as north, many of these races have not reached our days without them. We must also demystify it as an act of cruelty, since all female experience much happiness being a mother, and a good breeder care of her with love and makes sure that their puppies go to the right home … It’s not a simple marketing of lives as read in various forums.

True Creator does for the sake of the race, to disseminate works on improving structures and in most cases (speaking of serious breeders) their copies end up being extremely spoiled and pampered, even if exercised seriously is not an activity that produce large economic gains, but if a lot of satisfaction.

Now think that someone who buys a dog steals taken place to a dog, it’s a real nonsense … .what same as thinking that eliminating breeding sites solves the situation of the dogs in the street ….

Races clubs and federations serve to order them, bring standards and rules aimed the order of breeding and pet ownership. With more serious breeders, with more dogs with papers identified and registered in the FCA, more social security for our best friends and less tendency to drop. Even posing a utopian society with registered and identified in the event of losses or abandonment dogs would be easier to identify the lost copy or the owner to abandon … Better yet create penalties for it, from fines or prevent registration / ownership of future pets for their behavior.

But unfortunately and as I said earlier, is a true Utopia, puppies street are a problem in our society, it is not right to live in it, is not their natural habitat, in the city without shelter or means of hunting and primarily as explained before … dog’s life is understood by the man.

Adopt is a very noble act and is an activity that we all have to contribute, on time will be the solution to “this” pet, which is in a situation where few see what you have to look where there is a life that needs urgently Adopting a family life …. “that” exemplary point … but the others? solved …

As a society we can not allow this, we would have to attack the root of the problem and fighting abandonment, but fundamentally a political decision, the state must educate ourselves through rules to eradicate these behaviors, there must be a social lesson (in this and other behaviors too), and also clear from the Federations and Clubs tighter controls on breeders …. but in no way the problem of abandoned and stray dogs is the existence of breeders, in any way a dog “race” detracts from one place to a dog up for adoption.

A puppy does not replace another … a Love does not displace other, they are simply different loves …

A great friend defined as follows:

“When you buy a puppy from a breeder is like expecting a son, love him without knowing him … and when you adopt is because you are looking for a needy look of Love … and … you fall in love unconditionally.”

“A dog is born to fill the void left by false friends and petty hearts, we have nothing to do to earn your love, we just have to be there to receive it and enjoy it …. Luckily or unfortunately, with good or bad reputation, honor or dishonor with the will by your side to comfort you, save you and give his life for you. “