Bullmastiff & Children

Bullmastiff and Children:

The Bullmastiff is a balanced dog, great for playing with children; they know how to

measure their strength and are very tolerant to bites, slaps and tail pulling when

playing with the little ones.


It is important to highlight that adult supervision is ALWAYS necessary regardless of

the dog breed, especially when puppies.

The Bullmastiff is one of the best four-legged friends our kids could have if we take

these precautions.

The history of the breed explains the previous statement and the dog´s balanced

character. Centuries of working as a retriever, have made the Retriever the dog it is

today. Likewise, centuries of working together with the gamekeepers, living in their

small houses with their families, have left an impression on the Bullmastiff phenotype,

selecting generation after generation, the most suitable specimens to fulfill their tasks,

but also with the right temperament to live together with a family in a reduced space