Sylvester Stallone is one of the most famous action film actors in Hollywood, even

though he had a rough beginning: he was rejected over20080524-r6cbuk5j4t5b8qiug8d6hcur6h 100 times by film agencies.

During his lean years, he only had his beloved Bullmastiff. He named his dog Butkus

after Dick Butkus, possibly the fiercest football player in history. This dog was

Stallone´s most precious possession, but he could not afford to keep him, so he sold it

to a liquor store owner for 25 dollars. It was the saddest day of his life.

Two weeks later, Stallone was watching a fight between Muhammad Ali and little-

known boxer Chuck Wepner, who went toe-to- toe with one of the greatest fighters

ever. This fight inspired Stallone to write for hours without stop: he then tried to sell

his script to different agencies until he got an offer for 125,000 dollars. Sylvester could

feel how his dream was coming true, so he announced “I am going to star the film –

this is my story and I am Rocky!” The agency refused, so Stallone left.

As unbelievable as it may sound, this man was offered more money than he could ever

earn and still refused to sell his script.

After negotiating, he was offered 35,000 dollars (to decrease investors’ risk) and he

was given the part of Rocky. What was the first thing Stallone did with the money? He

went right back to the liquor store to get his beloved Bullmastiff back.

He finally found the person to whom he had sold the dog and said to him: “I sold you

my dog for 25 dollars. This dog is my life, I will buy it back from you for 100 dollars”.

But the dog´s new family loved him, so they refused to sell it back.

Sylvester increased his offer, and he ended up offering the new owner 15,000 dollars

and the opportunity to appear in Rocky. The dog´s new owner agreed to this proposal.

Stallone and Butkus starred the film and got back together… to a happy ending

everybody knows…