The Bullmastiff is a protective, intelligent, discreet, well-behaved dog. It can perfectly distinguish the moments when it has to be intimidating. It does not bark much and is moderately active, so it can adjust well to living in a small back yard or even in an apartment. However, an adult dog may well follow their owner 15 km without showing 11055276_373443939525049_5821159350764022448_nsigns of tiredness and even enjoy sports such as “agility”.

Unlike other Molossers, the Bullmastiff takes commands from all the members of the family, even from the children. The fact that they are not a “one master dog” makes it easier for the dog to live with the family.
The Bullmastiff is extremely affectionate and patient with children. They can play with children very well because they understand how to play with kids without hurting them. Due to their calm and well-balanced temper, they are usually used as “therapy dogs”to work with patients with physical or intellectual disabilities and with terminal patients.

The Bullmastiff will never attack a person unless the dog believes their master or their “family” is in danger, therefore, attack training is not advisable. The Bullmastiff’s instinct will tell them to protect their family, so no training is actually required.

We must never forget that the Bullmastiff is a very protective guard dog despite their self-control, and that they will defendevery member of their family to death, were it necessary.