The age of your Bullmastiff


The researchers were intrigued by long periods of the relationship between human life and canines. In 1268, an inscription was recorded in the plant Westminster Abbey which calculated the date of Judgment Day by lifetimes of divine creations, including the dog, which was considered to be nine years and that of a person that was said was 81.
It was not until the twentieth century began to use the term ‘dog years’. It is unclear who coined it, but its use spread in the 60s, when in certain textbooks math exercises were raised for students to estimate their age “in dog years.” In the 70s, ads for Alpo that the actor Lorne Greene appears popularized the conversion of 7 to 1: “Duchess is 13. That’s like 91 for you and for me.”.

The formula also changed over time alongside that of humans and dogs. The average life expectancy of a man born in 1901 was 49 years; now 77. Dogs also live longer now than they used to. In 1987, 32% of the dogs spent six years. Today, 44% does.

The official formula, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), equates the first year of a medium sized dog the first 15 years of life of a human being. The second year of a dog equivalent to nine in a human. And, thereafter, every year that passes is as if they spent five for a dog, of course formula that varies according to body mass dog as well as specific characteristics of each race.

Formula for Bullmastiff

= 3 years 3 months

6 months = 6 years

9 months = 9 years

12 months = 12 years

18 months = 16 years

2 years = 19 years

3 years = 24 years

4 years = 33 years

5 years = 40 years

6 years = 49 years

7 years = 58 years

8 years = 67 years

= 76 years 9 years

10 years = 85 years

11 years = 94 years