Advantages of having a dog

1. Health: Having a pet at home is considered a preventive medicine that promotes good health and avoid future problems. Many studies have shown that the health of people is better when a dog near. For example, according to a study presented by the Dutch journal Pediatrics, children living with dogs is less likely to experience certain ear infections or respiratory problems. A study by the University of California, Davis mentioned that children who read about dogs learn faster and more easily. And other than babies who live with pets are less likely to suffer allergies when they are older. Not only they cheer us on, but also make us have a healthier heart. Cause greater variability in heart rate and thus reduces the risk of heart disease. They help improve mental deterioration, stress, pain and depression, etc.

Company: Having a dog at home reduces loneliness. The feeling of abandonment or loneliness is reduced by a dog because it helps me feel accompanied, he wanted and loved.
It creates obligations: Having a pet involves many obligations to keep attended and in good condition. For example, the fact of having to take him out implies an obligation that only brings us benefits. It helps us to meet new people, interact, clearing routine stress, etc.
Fun: Obviously, this is an undeniable point. Our dogs give us moments of joy and fun every day.
Security: They always warn first before any dangerous situation, in the case of Bullmastiff its deterrent size and balance with family brings us a greater sense of security, tranquility and confidence.
Fidelity: always make us feel special and acompaƱados.Son wonderful companions in good times and bad, his loyalty is inexhaustible.
Improve our relationships: Animals in generalnos help improve relations with other people (We are more responsible, caring and attentive). We bring emotional balance that will benefit social contact.
Happiness: Most people who have a dog at home improve their self-esteem and security in themselves and prove to be happier than others. At the household level, it is a highly recommended experience.