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Welcome to Vader Bullmastiff Kennel

My name is Marcelo Burghi and I have been involved in the Bullmastiff world since December 2008, when I acquired my first one.

As time went on, we got more and more interested in breeding, selecting and showing our dogs. It has not been easy, but our family, friends and other breeders have helped us. My family plays a fundamental role: my parents, who were the first sponsors of my dreams, and my wife, who joins me in every new adventure.

The first years were a learning process – we needed to be humble enough to stop justifying the things we did not like and to start changing them.

This process was key in turning Vader Bullmastiff Kennel into what it is today. Once you learn not to get carried away by important championships, impressive pedigrees and famous “litters” from Sires and Dams, as a synonym for good specimens and winning families, then you really begin to understand. It is a healthy exercise to meditate on past goals and ways of interpreting the breed, so that we can truly appreciate growth and goals to be fulfilled…

You never cease to learn, even when you have reached further than you have everexpected. Today, our breeding program is centered on two parallel outcrossing features with similar phenotypes – in the future we will improve this line with some line breeding.

We mainly favor open crossing with Sires and Dams with similar traits, and then we select the puppies that best express what we are looking for, always taking into account the Standards of the Breed.

Our breeding plans do not allow us to forget the character of the Breed, the health of our litters and mainly their function – we comply with the objective for which they were created.

We are committed to the health of our future puppies: we provide full health care of all our active specimens, including hip and elbow x-rays, and since November 2013, cardiac exams (available upon request).

In Vader Bullmastiff Kennel we have long stopped using “Kennels”. Today, our staff is made up by a unique system of co-ownership, which allows every specimen to have their family- this provides not only comfort but also quality to the dog´s life, since nothing replaces the love and affection of an owner and their home. In addition, in August 2014, we acquired a modern 300 m2 building for 3 air conditioned nurseries that provide our puppies and Dams with all the comfort they need until they meet their new families.

In our Web site you will find information about our dogs, our pedigrees, our breeding programs and about the Breed in general. If you have any questions, we will gladly answer them by e-mail.

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